Kawan Syurga.

''Kawan kita cakap, the emptiness, hopeless, heartbroken kita yang pilih sebenarnya. Kita tak tenang, rasa macam loser, kosong, mungkin sebab kita cuba menjauhkan diri daripada Allah.
In fact, ada je jalan keluar. Sebab kita ada Allah. Again, kita ada Allah. Don't worry. He knows. He acknowledges. He will provide. Stop, detach ourselves from dunya, because it will breaks our heart apart."
Masya Allah. Deeply touched.

I can't tell about them in here, because each individual I have met has somewhat build the person I am today, and to tell how everyone and each of them influenced me, is something I can't do. Enough to know I cherish them in my heart.
Ukhwah fillah. It means sisterhood for the sake of Allah. Not till death. But till Jannah.
Such countless of nikmah that Allah gives.

Nur Farah Ahmadi.

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